Katie Mann
October 24, 2013

Are you ready for an adorable overload?  Then read on, my friend.

screen-shot-2013-10-24-at-11-12-20-amAn integral pillar of 4th Wall is how the students have a hand in writing the play they perform for family and friends.  Depending on the students’ enthusiasm, or interest, their options include characters and oftentimes motivation.  This week a group of 4th Wall students took their responsibilities seriously and with great vigor!

Working closely with the Mid-Michigan Autism Association in Lansing, 4th Wall hosts a class on Michigan State University’s campus accompanied by theatre majors.  With all the creative juices following in the room we created a story like no other!

Ready for the cuteness?  Because here it comes!

screen-shot-2013-10-24-at-11-12-34-amThe first boy knew from day one he was going to be a knight, “with swords!”  But yesterday when inquiring about his character’s name he did not skip a beat, “Modern.”  I thought I misheard him.  “Modern!  M-O-D-E-R-N (he emphatically spelled it out for me).  My name, Miss Katie, is Modern Knight Bad Knight.”  So he’s a bad guy?  “Miss Katie!!  Obviously!”  Sometimes, we as adults, can be so dense.

The next fella knew he wanted to be a ninja.  Excuse me, a red ninja.  But no one was prepared when we asked for his character name:  Jimmy the Red Ninja Who Fights Everyone Even if Their Name is Steve.  And so your name shall be, sir Jimmy.

That’s one of the aspects I love about theatre.  It’s an outlet for expression.  And this population does not receive enough opportunities to creatively express themselves.  So when Princess Katie, Clifford the Big Red Guard Dog, King Mario of Cramalot, Viking Leif, and Viking Erikson all told me their theatrical dreams I was more than happy to fulfill them.

What’s the plot of this play, you ask?  I have no idea.  Yet.  But you can be sure that each character will get their chance to shine.  Authentically.  Enthusiastically.  Adorably.