Katie Mann
October 2, 2013

At 4th Wall the co-founders wear many hats. And as self-appointed CEO of Handing Out Random Titles I degreed myself the Official Order-er of Awesome T-shirts. Earlier this month, fulfilling my stoic duties, I ordered a shipment of orchid colored t-shirts. It was a lovely color on my computer screen, I promise. However, when my mother did 4th Wall the favor of picking them up she said the color was ‘less than optimal.’ And she was right.

img_2965What does one do with an entire shipment of shirts in a not-so-attractive color? Ask their mom for advice then call one of their best friends, the Official Saver of Crises that Aren’t Too Bad. My mother’s advice? When life hands you lemons, go buy a tie dying kit because the t-shirts can’t get any worse.

img_2969And that’s how Marisa and I spent an afternoon tie dying to the confusion of my next door neighbor. The t-shirts did not become any uglier. In fact, they turned out pretty stellar with the words popping since they did not absorb the dye. Fortunately for me other co-founder, Annie the Approver of Apparel, gave two thumbs up. Unfortunately for Marisa and I, our thumbs were red with dye for a long while afterwards causing me to rewrite the famous phrase: “When life hands you lemons don’t make lemonade with cheap gloves.”