Katie Mann
July 10, 2013

1045088_625557224129976_1505550432_nOver a year ago now, I was chatting with a mother about the traumas often following a “developmental disabilities” diagnosis. In her case, she was informed during an ultrasound that her son would have Down syndrome. Adjusting to the news she sought counsel from a neighbor who happened to have a teenage daughter with the same syndrome. Bracing for advise on how to cope with struggles and prejudices the answer surprised her: “You are going to meet the most amazing people.” That’s it? That’s all the advice? “And you know what?” the mom told me 19 years later, “she was absolutely right. I’ve made the most wonderful friends through my son. These people, they are so passionate, loving, and encouraging.” And after a mere year in the business, you know what? She is absolutely right, too.