I am not often nervous.  Being a theatre person I am used to public speaking which comes with a high tolerance for embarrassment.  When my students are nervous I tell them, “Oh, you’ll be fine.  Shake it out.”  But last Tuesday I was the one shaking.

I was asked to partake in StartupNation, a radio show on WJR with advice for entrepreneurs.  If you are from Metro Detroit, like I am, you know WJR is a staple.  Each Saturday my family drove to my Grandma and Grandpa Z’s WJR was the background.  During summers it was always Tiger’s baseball with Ernie Harwell.  To be a part of the WJR history was a full circle moment.

img_1624So I was nervous when I pulled up to the “golden tower of the Fischer Building” as the late Harwell would put it.  My nerves got worse when instead of entering the recording studio I found myself lost walking out onto the 8th floor of the parking garage.  If I couldn’t ride an elevator, how would I talk straight?

img_1626Jeff Sloan (founder) and Dan Glisky (president) are the co-hosts of StartupNation a business trying to help other businesses.  I was on their Super Start-up Show where they interviewed four relatively new entrepreneurs on their trials and triumphs.  Despite my nerves when I entered the recording studio I was immediately at ease.  They were both knowledgable, professional, and all around great guys.

With the help of the StarupNation crew (Mark, Rick, and Thane) the show began.  Even though we weren’t live,* the energy in the studio was palpable.  I was grateful that Jeff took a chance and asked me to stay beyond my segment.  Thanks, Jeff!

It was an wonderful experience.  I always love telling 4th Wall’s story, bragging about my students’ incredible potential, and hopefully inspiring future woman entrepreneurs.

The next time my students say, “Miss Katie, I’m feeling nervous” I have a new answer.  Instead of “shake it out” I can say, “Good.  I’m glad you’re nervous.  It means you are passionate enough to care about what you’re doing.  Just push through it and I know you’ll be fantastic.”

 *StartupNation airs every Saturday on WJR from 2-3p.  4th Wall’s appearance is on April 12th or you can go here to listen to the podcast.