Katie Mann
May 19, 2014

Life is full of surprises.  I relish whenever a good one comes along.

4th Wall partnered with the Down Syndrome Support Team in Saline, Mi.  For six weeks our merry band of actors have been learning the parts of the stage, where to look when we say lines, and the three tenets of theatre.  Last Saturday was “the big day.”  As we instructors were beginning to turn the classroom into a theatre Mike, who maintains the grounds, popped in asking,  “Would you like to use the auditorium for your performance instead of the classroom?”  Would we?  Yes indeed!

img_1784Ten minutes later, Miss Gabby and Mr. Mikey (two of our stellar instructors) and myself were pulling open the grand curtain.  Mr. Mikey was figuring out the light and sound boards and Miss Gabby was taping our trees to the risers for a dramatic forest effect.  I couldn’t wait for the students to enter to see where they were performing!

img_1788Because, you see, every performance is a special one.  Especially for this sect of the population who often don’t get the chance to shine in a public setting.  Performing in the classroom would have been wonderful.  There would have been happy tears and applause from the audience and smiles on the faces of the actors.  But in the auditorium…  Here they felt like even more like real actors in their Spiderman and Buzz Lightyear costumes.  Here they were obviously validated that their efforts are applause-worthy.  Here is the venue they deserved.

So thank you, Mike, for offering a pleasant surprise.