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girl-sparkly-dress-loveAre you looking to book 4th Wall for an event? Perfect. Fortunately, we are a mobile company and our programs vary as wildly as our cooperating clients do. Although the curriculum, fun, and life lessons for our younger students remain the same, below are our two most popular options.

One Day Workshop

Not convinced your population are drama kings/queens? Having 4th Wall for one or two hours is a great way to get a taste of the theatre. Use us for parties, respite care, or make us an event unto our own!

Six Weekly Sessions

Ready to dive in? Then invite us over each week for an hour. Actors-to-be write their own script, and invite friends and family to see their showcase on the last day of class. Plus, students receive a free t-shirt!

Does your organization need help paying for a workshop or session? We have various scholarship and grant opportunities to check out.

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zoo-tiger-face-boyEnroll in a Public Program

If you are an individual looking to sign-up for an upcoming public program or class, check out our Program Schedule to learn more and enroll!

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