June 2, 2018 12:00 pm 1:00 pm

What a Saturday treat!  Friends gather every week to put on their own original play.  Singing, dancing, and acting students learn about the theatre and how to perform.  It’s a blast!  We meet at a church, but the program has no religious affiliations.  Come one, come all!

Type of Ability Served: All Welcome (mainly those with CI attend)
Age Range: All Welcome (mainly those 26 and older attend)
Payment: Payment for the eight weeks is $130 a student. Click the sign up button below or bring a check/cash the first day of class. For any questions please email info@4thwallkids.com.

Showcase Information

Mark your calendar for June 9th at 12:30p for the final performance.  Bring family and friends.  It’s a fun time!